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Privacy Policy
We know that there is still some apprehension about buying anything online, especially high ticket items such as flooring. We also know that this is becoming more and more common and nowadays you can purchase just about anything including automobiles online! We realize with the Internet becoming as popular as it is that there is a real concern for privacy. We're taking every step possible to keep your personal information private.
What We Do to Ensure Your Protection

At, we utilize the latest technology to protect your personal information including a SSL or Secure Server Layer. This SSL encrypts your information to make it virtually hacker proof. We do everything possible to make sure your personal information is kept private.
Your Personal Information Is Sacred to Us

There are some companies online that will sell or share their customer information with other companies or agencies. We do not practice this type of activity nor do we believe in it. We feel that it was hard enough to get you as a customer and there is no reason why we would give you away. We truly value your privacy. The only e-mail or other form of correspondence you will ever receive after giving us your information will be from our company.