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Why Should I Use Rubber Flooring?

Posted: Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rubber isn't just for bouncing balls anymore. Of course we know that rubber has been used for floor covering for years, but have you really thought about it? The uses for rubber flooring are endless, and just about any home or commercial/industrial business has at least one or two places where rubber would definitely be the way to go.

The most obvious use of rubber flooring is where people spend a lot of time on their feet – warehouses, kitchens, factories. Rubber flooring is a shock absorber, which provides relief from stress and strain in the legs and back and makes for happier workers. You can think of a rubber floor as a communal Dr. Scholl's. Rubber can even be used as sub-flooring in a home or business, and it can last upwards of 30 years if maintained properly.

Rubber is also a great choice for flooring in high traffic areas where slipping is a significant risk. Hospitals, gyms, schools, daycares, garages, and pool sides are just a few examples. These places also benefit from the shock absorbing qualities and durability of rubber. The different configurations of rubber flooring also make it useful for these venues through the use of raised grid patterns that allow water to be funneled down and away from the surface of the floor. Since ease of cleaning is a huge plus in these types of environments, this is an added benefit.

Rubber also comes in different colors, designs, textures, and configurations, such as tiles and pavers and snap-together panels that allow you to cover large sections of floor. We're not limited to the plain old black mat. Or it can be used in the form of recycled chips that can be used in playgrounds to protect children from injury. I know I'd rather fall on rubber than concrete (though I haven't grabbed a monkey bar in years).

The recyclable nature of rubber makes it a great choice as well. It can be recycled thermally and made into substitutes for oils and fuels, and it can be reshaped and molded into various forms that can be used over and over again. And if you do discard your rubber, you don't have to feel guilty looking over the edge of the landfill…it doesn't release harmful chemicals into the ground as it breaks down.

Any way you cut it (pun intended), rubber flooring can get the job done for you. So how long do you think a rubber ball would bounce on a rubber floor? Might have to try that one…