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What Are the Benefits of Eucalyptus Flooring?

Posted: Monday, July 15, 2013


Somewhere between hardwood and bamboo you find eucalyptus. It sits between the two on hardness and its environmentally friendly nature. All wood is sustainable, but of course not all wood grows at the same rate. Eucalyptus is grown in more than 90 countries and is the world's most widely planted hardwood. It is also grows in "upland landscapes," thus relieving pressure on the flat lying areas. And because it grows much faster than other species of hardwood, it is a good choice for all kinds of uses, including flooring—truly sustainable and eco-friendly.

Eucalyptus trees can reach as high as 300 feet at full maturity and can often add 10 feet or more of growth in a single growing season. Compare this to an oak tree that might grow to 25 feet in 10 years (which is actually pretty fast for any of the other major hardwoods). So though eucalyptus is not as fast a grower as bamboo (4 years to maturity), it is a great choice for the environmentally conscience when determining what type of flooring to install.

The look of eucalyptus flooring is similar to other hardwoods and has a refined grain appearance, and with its beautiful, smooth shimmer, it gives the look of luxury you want. It is harder than many hardwoods, which makes it a durable floor product that resists dents and can take a fair amount of abuse.

According to research, eucalyptus can actually be up to 20% harder than typical red oak, which is saying quite a bit. You can find engineered or solid eucalyptus flooring, but in places where moisture and humidity might be a factor, engineered eucalyptus flooring might actually be the better choice. The planks come in tongue-and-groove construction that can be nailed, stapled, or glued down. And the best part of all of this is that eucalyptus flooring often cheaper than its traditional hardwood cousins.

You also don't have to limit yourself on style in going with eucalyptus flooring either. It is offered in a variety of colors and styles, made possible by the use of premium pigments in its production. Combine this with the multiple coats of low-VOC, commercial-grade finish and odorless urethane and you have a beautiful product that will last.