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Using Wine Barrels as Wood Flooring

Posted: Wednesday, June 12, 2013

If you're looking for a considerable source of wood for flooring, look no further than a bottle of wine. Large vineyards can go through upwards of 100,000 wine barrels per year. These barrels are rarely reused, as it's believed and accepted that this would result in a tainted wine taste. Thus, those hundreds of thousands of barrels can either go to absolute waste, or they can be reused creatively. Many people reuse these barrels as garden planters, but perhaps these barrels want a better future? Perhaps they want to become your next flooring.

In recent years, advancements in manufacturing technology has allowed for the curved staves of the barrels to be straightened and milled into tongue-and-groove flooring. Now, believe it or not, your next flooring could come from a bunch of old wine barrels.

You can really get creative with your wine barrel flooring. Manufacturers will often times use the head of the barrel to display the markings stamped on the top (this is a common feature for wine shops and homemade wine cellars). The interior pieces of wood are often varied in color because of the winemaking process, and the exterior wood has marks made from the metal banding, giving your floor a look like none other.

Recycling with a vino twist

If eco-friendly or recycled (reclaimed) wood is your flooring of choice, then wine barrel flooring is a great option for you. In fact, many in the industry consider this not just recycle, but “upcycle.” Upcycle means the new product (flooring) is of better value, and has a longer life, than the original product (a wine barrel).

These wine barrel floors aren't just for your homemade wine cellar or wine store (although it's fantastic for that). Oak-based barrels are a great wood source that are durable, and have an interesting history different from any other reclaimed wood. If you're a fan of wine, are hoping to incorporate reclaimed wood into your project, and are looking for something with a twist, then wine barrel flooring is the choice for you.