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The Urban Loft Engineered Flooring Line by Anderson Hardwood Floors

Posted: Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Anderson HardwoodsAnderson Hardwood Flooring’s newest line, the Urban Loft line, is a wire-brushed hickory floor that presents a striking appearance with an impressively soft-to-the-touch textured surface. The Urban Loft comes in four colors – Broadway, Long Island, Manhattan, and Staten Island, all of which present unique shades of Anderson’s wire-brushed hickory flooring.

The look is rustic, yet its suede-like surface offers a contemporary feel, thus making Urban Loft a great addition to modern or traditional interiors.

The width of each plank (6 3/8”) provides a marvelous visual to any space, with plank lengths up to 58 1/2”, and a scoring of 1835 on the Janka hardness rating scale.

Click here to view our the new Urban Loft line of hardwood flooring.

EnCore and American-made craftsmanship

The Urban Loft line features Anderson’s EnCore, which eliminates the air pockets found in other coreboards. EnCore makes Andersons’ flooring harder and denser. EnCore is just one example of how Anderson thrives on fine craftsmanship. Its Anderson’s roots within America (it was founded as Standard Plywoods in 1946 in South Carolina and today is run by Georgia-based Shaw Industries) that keep Anderson so focused on personal craftsmanship. Most of the craftsmanship for Anderson’s flooring is performed within the Anderson Prison Work Program, located within correctional institutions in South Carolina and Tennessee. This voluntary program focuses on rehabilitating prisoners’ lives and teaching them a trade. The prisoners in this program are given a small wage, which is divided among the state and victims, with any remaining amount getting sent to the prisoners’ families.

Environmentally friendly

Anderson Hardwood Flooring is revered for its steps toward an environmentally friendly product. It receives recognition from certification-based organizations such as Cradle to Cradle, NWFA, and GreenGuard. Its engineered hardwood flooring is domestically sourced and produces less waste than any other type of hardwood flooring. Also, because of the way it’s manufactured, Anderson’s engineered hardwood is less likely to be affected by changes in humidity.

Few hardwood-flooring lines could find a home in virtually any environment. Urban Loft is the exception. Perfect for the city studio or countryside cabin, Urban Loft is beautiful and built to last.

Click here to view our the new Urban Loft line of hardwood flooring.