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Subway tiles for your kitchen - the hottest trend in home design

Posted: Thursday, October 03, 2013
Interceramic High Density Tile

Look at any kitchen these days and what you’ll likely find is a granite countertop and dark wood cabinets. These kitchens were likely remodeled or designed in the 90s, and while the look is sharp, it’s also dated.

If you’re in the market for a new kitchen design, it’s best not to look at designs of the past decade if you want to remain happy with your design for many years down the road. Instead, it pays to look into either the latest trends or timeless classics. Luckily, with subway tiles, you get the best of both worlds.

Subway tiles get their name from the ceramic tiles used on the walls of New York City subway stations. Easy to maintain, classic yet modern, these subway tiles are far more than a flash in the pan trend. They have remained relevant in design for a century, and will continue to remain that way for the foreseeable future.

Subway tiles in kitchens are not a new concept, but they are enjoying a bit of a rebirth. One thing’s for certain, by remodeling with subway tiles, you’re sure to stay trendy, modern, yet equally classic, from now until you choose to remodel again. But what’s the best way to use subway tiles?

Bold and Straightforward

Interceramic High Density TileOne of the more traditional approaches to subway tile designs is to use a single-color tile for backsplashes or countertops. This provides a simple and friendly look. While you’re restricting yourself to one color with this approach, your creativity need not be left at the door. Choosing between a vertical or horizontal placement can make a massive impact on the final appearance of your kitchen.

The Adex Hampton series (3 x 6) provides strikingly bold colors including Olive, Sand, Taupe, Bone and White. The lighter colors help create a wider space while the darker colors, such as Olive, make a bold statement and serve well as the backsplashes of your cooking area. If you’re looking for a more industrial look for your kitchen, the Adex City (6 x12) tiles are a great selection, coming in Black, Bone, Gray and White. The City line captures the gritty industrialization of any city with Adex’s signature glossy surface.

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Many designers and homeowners flock toward a mosaic look, yet they purchase pre-made mosaic patterns in the form of square tiles. Why not create your own mosaic look by mixing and matching subway tiles? You can either choose strikingly different colors across the spectrum, or hover within one palette for a less busy look. Adex’s Neri Beveled tiles are a great approach to the simple mosaic look. Mix and match all three colors – Bone, Celery, and White – to create your own unique and subtle mosaic pattern.

Black is Back

Interceramic High Density TileMany folks consider white to be the ultimate kitchen décor, but black or darkened subway tiles can be just as rewarding, not to mention far easier to maintain and clean. Adding a backsplash of black subway tiles (again, the City line is a great fit for this) can help accentuate your white cabinets, furniture, or countertops.

Square isn’t Square

Most folks consider subway tiles to be rectangular in nature, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Go to NYC and check out the stations. Sure, you’ll find your fair share of rectangular tiles, but you’ll also find square tiles as well. Adding square tiles to your kitchen can add an entirely new layer of dimension to your space. The increased grout lines bring attention to the tiles, so many folks choose bold colors when they go with square.


One popular trend these days is to use dark grout with lighter tiles. This does two things. First, it adds depth to your design. Secondly, it makes it far easier to clean your tiles.

Timeless is Always Best

We’re always on the lookout for the hottest trends in home designs. But with everything moving at the speed of light, we tend to forget that trends often become outdated far too quickly. In order to avoid getting wrapped up in a trend that’ll fall to the wayside, it’s best to stick with timeless classics that offer the versatility of modern yet vintage. Subway tiles have proven to do just that.

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