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Shopping Tips

Posted: July 01, 2002
Our commitment is to bring you the highest quality flooring at the lowest possible prices in the world. One of the ways we do this, is by keeping our overhead as low as possible. To do so, we need some help from you. Listed below are some shopping tips that will make it easier for us to provide you with an accurate price quote.

Make sure to read some of the other sections of our website to learn about the different choices and qualities available to you for the specific product you will be shopping for. Try to decide what type of flooring you will be shopping for. If you are shopping for more than one type of flooring, for example ceramic tile and carpet, than shop for one at a time. We suggest that you start with the more permanent floor such as the ceramic tile, laminate, or wood flooring, than shop for the carpet. The reason is that most likely you will base your carpet color on the other type of flooring. If the majority of the flooring will be carpet, than it will not matter. Try to have an idea of the color scheme. If you will be shopping for ceramic tile, also decide what size you will want.

Do most of your initial research by telephone. This will avoid you driving from store to store to find that many of the stores may not have what you're looking for. Make sure to contact the smaller flooring stores in your area. The bigger stores usually private label their samples so you can't compare their prices. Ask questions when you contact these stores. Ask them if they private label their samples. If you end up at one of the stores that does private label their samples, chances are we will not be able to get the pricing for you on those products. Also, make sure that the products you will be shopping for are manufactured by one of the many companies that we represent. For a full list of these companies, go to our Manufacturers page.

NOTE ON CARPET SHOPPING: As an added note, when shopping for carpet, you may need to do a little extra work to obtain the correct manufacturers name and style name. As we mentioned previously, the home centers and bigger chain stores private label their carpet samples so that you cannot go out and compare prices. Since they're using this unfair and deceitful tactic, you may need to use a few of your own. You may have to tell a little white lie to get the information you need. One thing you can do is, call some of the local carpet stores. Explain to the salesman on the phone that you will need some carpet very soon for yourself, but right now you are shopping for a relative in another state. You need to find a carpet store that does not private label their samples, so you can look at the carpet and give your relative the correct manufacturer and style names. You can also try being 100% honest and direct by simply telling them that you are shopping for carpet, and would like to be able to get the correct names so you can compare pricing. You may find a carpet store that doesn't private label using this method, however I think you will be more successful using the first method. If you are honest with the people in the local stores, they will most likely tell you that they don't private label just to get you into the store.

Make sure to bring a pad and pen with you when you go shopping. Be direct with the salespeople you deal with. Let them know immediately that you are only comparing prices at this time. By doing this, they will know that you don't intend to buy that day and hopefully will not pressure you as much. Take as much time as you need to look at samples. The salesperson may be reluctant to write down the information you need so be prepared to do it yourself. You will need the Manufacturers Name, the Style Name and/or Style Number, the Color Name and/or Color Number, and the Price. Make sure that the price you are given is for the material only. Some stores include labor and other charges in their prices.

The last step is the easiest. Contact us for a price! A warning though, when contacting us, please be sitting down and make sure that someone is with you. Our prices will be so much lower that you may pass out from shock.