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Product Review: VPI Rubber Flooring

Posted: Monday, May 23, 2011

VPI Rubber Flooring Product ReviewDo you have a space that needs a floor with a nice cushion, sound and impact control, and that is easy to install and maintain? Then look no further than rubber. VPI, a company that was founded as "Natural Products Inc." just after World War II, began as a manufacturer of plastic wrap and sheeting. After years of changes and expansion, VPI has become a premier supplier of vinyl and rubber flooring.

Headquartered in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, VPI had been a proud American manufacturer for the last 60-plus years. They have a wide array of choices for rubber flooring in just about every color under the sun and in designs that are easy to install and maintain.

As VPI says, "…rubber flooring is the ultimate fusion of form and function." Because not only is rubber attractive and clean, it's also a fire resistant and antimicrobial. VPI offers their rubber flooring in a few different formats. You can get rubber flooring in full sheets, the way carpet is installed, which is great for places like health care facilities and schools or childcare facilities because with the floor being in one sheet as opposed to in tile form, there are no cracks for dust, dirt, and bacteria to collect.

They also offer their rubber flooring in tile form, which is easy to install for a do-it-yourselfer. The tiles interlock in place and are glued down with adhesive. The tiles can easily be cut and shaped without a need for special equipment. VPI also has accessory products and sports flooring available as well.

In their Classic raised flooring series, you can choose colors that range from Ruby Rouge to Dolphin Blue to Jet Black or Lime Green. These tiles are made up of "embossed" circles that provide traction, function, and style. You can also choose from the Decorative Slate rubber flooring line, the tiles of which are constructed and designed to resemble natural stone or ceramics, but you get the comfort and cushion of rubber. Again, you can choose from more neutral tones, such as Winter Wheat or Almond Beige or get a dynamic look with Redwood or Blue Moon.

The choices at VPI are as abundant as the style in which they come.