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Product Review: RB Rubber Flooring

Posted: Friday, May 20, 2011

RB Rubber Flooring Product ReviewDo you ever wonder what happens to your worn-out tire when they pull it off your car at the auto shop? They roll it across the yard and stack it with dozens of other tires that have seen their best days. But what then? We all are aware of the damage dumping these kinds of products into landfills causes. They never break down and take up space for basically…ever.

But RB Rubber Products takes that very characteristic and uses it for its longevity in creative and useful ways. Since 1985, they have taken rubber that in its original form cannot be used any longer and creates a huge line of products that represents recycling at its best. And since that time, they have improved and innovated and now offers a huge line of products, flooring, and pads that can be used in a million different ways.

From livestock and horse stalls to landscaping, to playgrounds, to fitness centers and doggie daycares, RB recycled rubber is used as ground or floor covering that serves to cushion ground or concrete to make it a safer or more effective space. Its shock-absorbing nature makes rubber a fabulous material to use anywhere impact can be a problem. It helps to reduce noise as well as injuries, and damage that would ruin another type of floor doesn't even show up on the radar for rubber.

RB also provides a line of rubber underlayment for use under hardwood, ceramic, and other types of flooring. It adds a layer of cushion that can improve the walkability and sound and impact resistance of any type of flooring. The offer flooring in sheet format, that can be installed quickly and easily, and they also have interlocking rubber tiles that are versatile and effective.

The very foundation of RB's business is recycling, but they go even further. The rubber material brought into their factories can be broken down into the tiniest of particles that can and continues to be used as filler for asphalt or other manufacturing composites.

Headquartered in McMinnville, Oregon, with manufacturing facilities in Milan, Georgia, RB Rubber is a solid American company with great resources if you're in the market for rubber flooring for any of its amazing uses.