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Product Review: Mullican Hardwood Flooring

Posted: Friday, May 6, 2011

Mullican Hardwood Flooring Product ReviewMullican Flooring, founded in 1985, is a leading manufacturer in the hardwood flooring industry. With processing facilities in Virginia, West Virginia, and New York and headquarters in Tennessee, Mullican is dedicated bringing the highest quality of hardwood flooring products. But not only does the company produce top quality products, but they are also dedicated to responsible management and harvesting of the trees used to make their flooring.

Green, a buzzword for some, is a practicing standard for Mullican. They also organize their products in several different ways, which makes shopping easier. And they offer the whole gamut of hardwood flooring, solid prefinished, solid unfinished, and engineered.

Mullican starts with timber harvested from the Appalachian mountains of the Eastern United States (though they do have an extensive line of exotic hardwoods to choose from as well). The wood is put through a series of processing steps. The lumber is sorted and "pre-dressed" to a uniform thickness so it can be thoroughly kiln dried over time to ensure appropriate moisture content, and the boards are cut to remove imperfections and bending that sometimes occurs in raw lumber.

Quality is so important to Mullican that, unlike most manufacturers who batch test their lumber, they actually test every foot of flooring throughout each step of the manufacturing process before it goes out the door to ensure every board is precision milled and has perfect moisture levels.

From having FSC Certification to taking part in the NWFA Responsible Procurement Program (RPP), Mullican Flooring is committed to the environment as well as sustainability. Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers Inc. has stamped all of the company’s domestic 3/4-inch solid flooring with their verified-sustainable seal, and Mullican offers Green Haven, a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified line of prefinished flooring.

All this is proof positive that Mullican is dedicated to forest management and is a champion of the sustainable, renewable supply of raw materials. They promise to do all they can to help make certain our forests are protected and will be available to our children and their children's children to be able to use and nuture themselves.

So combining eco-conscious processes, amazing raw materials, and myriad choices of color, style, texture, and finish, Mullican is a company you can trust your investment to.