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Product Review: Award Hardwood Flooring

Posted: Monday, March 14, 2011

Do you want a beautiful hardwood floor, but aren't sure if your traffic levels or maintenance capacity would make it possible? Then take a look at Award Flooring's hardwood products.

Hardwood flooring is much less of a maintenance and upkeep challenge than you might think. You have a vision for your new floor, and if your heart is set on hardwood, then don't let preconceptions be an obstacle for you. Read on to find out a bit more about Award's durable and gorgeous hardwood products.

First, Award hardwoods have a little something special in their recipe. Most hardwood manufacturers use an aluminum oxide finish on their products. This is a fine, durable coating, but compare it to Award's Wearmax® Plus advanced ceramic finish, and the choice is clear. Ceramic coatings are specially designed to resist scratching and denting and enables a floor to take some abuse without looking tired and worn as quickly as other floors might.

The coating also makes your floor stain and slip-resistant. So if you know that your floor is going to take a beating to one degree or another, then definitely place Award's hardwoods as your forerunner in deciding on product for your new floor.

And what about maintenance? Again, with Award's high-octane finish, you're one step ahead in the maintenance race. You just don't have to worry as much. Now, you certainly want to take normal precautions in protecting your floor—because it's still wood.

  • You'll want to use door mats at the threshold of any doors that open to the outside to catch those tiny rocks that embed in shoe soles.
  • You don't want to walk over the floor with damaged or spiked heels.
  • Make sure if you need to move furniture that you protect the floor with casters or use dollies or good old fashioned lift so the feet don't scrape across your floor.
  • Never use pools of water or abrasive cleaners to clean your floor.
  • Your floor really does take care of itself when kept swept and tidy.

Now to the fun part—picking the color and style for your floor. And Award certainly doesn't let you down there either. Award offers six collections ranging from traditional hickories and oaks to mahogany and cherry as well as varying textures, colors, and styles. There's sure to be several you'll love…the tough thing will be deciding on just one.