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Product Review: Alessco Flooring

Posted: Monday, December 6, 2010
Alessco Rubber Flooring

You’ve seen Alessco floors before. At church, in the kiddie classrooms, at day-care, at preschool, where they have those soft floors with flowers, shapes, numbers and letters. Still not sure? They come in tiles that fit together like puzzle pieces. A-ha! Now you remember!

Alessco has been busy over the years expanding their line of “kiddie-floors” into all kinds of different selections, including wood-alikes, giant soft green mats, and sheets of bamboo. All-in-all, Alessco manufactures over 80 different styles and colors of padded, interlocking flooring.

Most of the padded flooring options that Alessco has available are in the one square foot size. But the company offers 2 X 2 , 3 X 3, and 4 X 4 selections, and also has large individual mats. Alessco’s floors are fun to look at, and must be fun to play on, not to mention easy on tumbling knees, elbows and noggins.

Almost all of the bright-colored selections are reversible as well, giving them an extra element of fun, and an extra measure of durability and versatility. Imagine a kindergarten teacher wanting to surprise her student with a reading area that has changed colors overnight! Or what about the possibility of letting kids flip the tiles themselves to create fun patterns? An excellent invention with so many applications.

Alessco has also thrown a few more “adult-friendly” options into the mix with the padded “Softwoods” style, and the two large “SoftBamboo” floors, one with narrow slats, and the other with wide slats. Also, Alessco’s “SoftMats” come in four bright, fun, reversible colors, and are perfect for a workout room or anywhere you might otherwise find yourself in a floor activity.

Alessco has an obvious commitment to kids, to safety, and to versatility and utility in the flooring industry. Just when we thought there were not any more possible flooring options, Alessco has entered the scene adorning kids’ church rooms, daycares, pre-schools and elementary schools with a bit of fun. With their reversible, clown-colored flooring products (and a few more serious products), Alessco has put the “fun” in floors.