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Max Windsor Flooring

Posted: Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Max Windsor Floors

Beauty, Richness, Value. These are words you would expect to see on any floor manufacturer’s website or sales literature. However, you’ll also see “close to perfect” and “unreasonably high standards of appearance and performance” on the Max Windsor website.

Max Windsor says “You cannot make a better choice for your wood flooring than Max Windsor Certified Floors.” And just by looking at the simple and elegant photographs and descriptions of their products, it’s pretty hard to argue with them.

The Max Windsor line of hardwood products are all certified by the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council), and include only four basic groups of richly finished hardwood plank products (the laminate collection, called “Domain” is forthcoming). The Alexander and Concord products are hand-scraped, and come in fifteen colors, while the Maximus and Windsor lines are available in both smooth and scraped surfaces. The Domain laminates are available in smooth or distressed styles.

In the pursuit of the perfect installation, Max Windsor offers lots of information, visuals, and decorating ideas, as well as products to help the installer. Hardwood as well as laminate moldings are sold at the site. And the installer can find suitable underlayments, as well as adhesives, sealers, and cleaners for the Max Windsor products, too. Finally, there is a very informative section called “Facts About Wood” that details the processes involved with producing both the solid wood and engineered planks.

All of the Max Windsor products, however, whether solid or engineered, come pre-finished and ready to install in your home or business. The company uses 10 layers of virtually impregnable Bona UV finish to seal its wood products against spills, dirt, and harsh cleaning products.

But for the home- or business-owner who installs one of their floors, what might be most valuable are the certification and limited 25 year warranty against surface wear-out that Max Windsor offers. It’s hard to offer such a comprehensive warranty without having an excellent product to back it up.

Max Windsor seems to be the kind of flooring dealer that can deliver on their promise of offering as “close to perfect” an installation as possible. Check out the Max Windsor and see for yourself.