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Interceramic HD Ceramic Tile - The Quality Without the Porcelain Price

Posted: Tuesday, October 01, 2013


The industrial look is in. There’s no question about it. That’s not anything new. For some time now people have been trying to find ways to make their homes look more like some old converted warehouse with authentic industrial parts, right on down to the concrete.

While concrete has proven to be a somewhat versatile product, it’s not always cheap, and it doesn’t always work the way that we want. How, then, can you capture an industrial look without suffering the pangs of working with concrete?

Interceramic Concrete Look TileInterceramic answers the call. Their Concrete Porcelain Tile line provides the modern, industrial look of concrete with the ease and price of porcelain tile. In short, they give you the best of both worlds. In fact, they don’t just merge the worlds of tile and concrete – but they leave out all the “not-so-great” features of concrete.

Take, for example, concrete’s propensity towards cracking and expanding. We all think of concrete as this immovable object, the Incredible Hulk of building material. But even the Hulk has its kryptonite, and for concrete it comes in the form of water. Moisture, as harmless as it seemingly appears, can actually destroy your concrete flooring because of the cracks and expansions it causes in concrete.

That’s not the case with porcelain tile. Interceramic’s concrete tile line is nearly impervious to moisture.

Interceramic Concrete Look TileTrue concrete also requires a sealant before you use it in your home. That’s not the case with concrete tile. It’s ready to be installed in your home.

Interceramic’s Concrete Slate line is available in 12” x 24”, 18” x 18”, and 12” x 12” tile sizes. Each size can be mixed and matched to create striking visual patterns, and we haven’t even gotten to the mosaics (Random A and Random B). The Mosaic line captures all that’s beautiful in urban living – the melding of art and industry to form a flooring perfect for residential or commercial spaces.

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Where you can install concrete looking tile

Bona fide concrete simply does not have the versatility of concrete looking tile. With all this versatility in your hands, why not take advantage of it? The first place people think of to install concrete looking tile is in the bathroom; however, there are plenty of other places that could benefit from this type of design, including:

Interceramic Concrete Look TileKitchen and bath backsplash – Interceramic’s mosaic concrete line is particularly popular for kitchen backsplashes, but your creative eye can use the many designs in a variety of ways.

  • Tabletops – who would’ve thought it, right? But these tiles could make outstanding (not to mention extremely durable) tabletops. Throw away your coasters for good if you go with this option.
  • Tubs. So, you were thinking about tiling your bathroom floor, right? Why not go one step further and tile the tub and turn it into your own mini spa?
  • Your mudroom. Mudrooms need to be durable and easy to maintain, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Concrete looking tiles make a great fit here. If you don’t have a mudroom, don’t worry. You can create your own “mud space” near your main entryway.
  • Accent walls. Pieces of art are so passé. Everyone has something hanging on the wall, but what if your art was the wall? Create an astounding design with the many styles and colors available from Interceramic.

The concrete industrial look is a long-lived trend that can modernize any home, while tile has always been revered for its durability and easy maintenance. It made sense that these two materials would meet some day and form the ultimate flooring trend. Interceramic has made it happen.

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