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Happy Floors

Posted: Monday, January 27, 2014
Happy Floors

Happy Floors Porcelain Tile

Porcelain has always been considered one of the finest and most beautiful sources for home and commercial flooring. With its glowing appearance and astounding durability, its become synonymous with class and quality. Happy Floors has been a mainstay of the porcelain tile industry for years, not only because nearly all of their tiles come from Italian porcelain, but because of their eco-friendly push for all of their products.

Keeping their eye on the latest trends in Italian design, while embracing and pursuing the latest flooring technologies, such as digital printing, Happy Floors isn’t just a mainstay - they are trendsetters.

Porcelain Tiles Done Green by Happy Floors

Green isn’t just a subset of the Happy Floors mission. It’s what they stand their feet upon. Happy Floors tile is made with absolutely no volatile organic compounds and they use an extremely high percentage of recycled material within the tiles of their collection. As a result of their work, Happy Floors is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and abides by the requirements of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

The Happy Floors Collection

With more than 40 lines to choose from, Happy Floors porcelain tiles are as vast as they are gorgeous. Ideal for all residential and commercial settings, their flooring withstands the test of time and traffic. Among the most popular flooring lines found within the Happy Floors collection are:

Hello KittyHello Kitty: Yes, it’s exactly as you imagine it, only you don’t just have pink to choose from. With blue, black gray, and red among your choices, Hello Kitty is ideal for the walls and floors of any young child or adult young at heart. It introduces an air of vibrance and innocence into the porcelain tile world.


NeosTileNeosTile: On the other end of the spectrum is the modern and uniform look of the NeosTile tile. Including the rich colors of ash, graphite, silver, chalk, chocolate and mosaic, NeosTile appears to be subtle and the perfect backdrop to complement other colors. And while it does serve well as the background support, its bold and rich shades are enough to capture one’s attention.


Golden LightGolden Light: Porcelain has the capability of capturing and accenting natural light, which is exactly what Golden Light does. With gray, white, multicolor and mosaic, Golden Light infuses natural stone creases and speckles into a gorgeous hue of stone, to create the appearance of a natural outdoor setting.


WoodlandWoodland: One of the most popular choices in the Happy Floors collection is the Woodland collection, as much for its beauty as for its unique approach to flooring. People love porcelain because of its durability. They love wood because of its individuality, and “homey” feel. Knowing this, Happy Floors has merged these two flooring style into one - the Woodland collection. Choose from Acero Groove, Rovere Groove, Iroko Bullnose, or several other shades to add the beauty of wood, and the durability of porcelain, to your next project.


KreaKrea: Krea is great for that modern, urban look. Its patterned lines lead people through the expanse of the room, thus opening up and enlarging any space. This type of floor is ideal for rooms where the walls and backdrop take a backseat to the floor, as the Krea line provides enough detail, texture and character without having to compete with much else.


E StoneE-Stone: Flexing its eco-muscle, Happy Floors has introduced the E-Stone tile flooring, with Black, Grey, White and Mosaic. While these flooring shades seem straightforward, there is so much more beneath the colors. The flooring itself surpasses the eco-friendly standard expected by consumers, and the appearance of this floor is nothing short of spectacular.

There are literally dozens of eco-friendly porcelain tiles to choose from at Happy Floors, with most tiles coming from Italian porcelain. If you’re in the market for green flooring that doesn’t compromise on quality and durability, Happy Floors flooring is the perfect match for you.