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Five Reasons To Buy Flooring Online

Posted: Monday, February 17, 2014

Five Reasons to Buy Flooring Online

It’s a little odd to buy flooring online. But when you consider all the stuff people are buying online already — vacations, stocks, and even cars — buying flooring online is not an unusual choice. Here are five great reasons to use the Internet for purchases, even for something as substantial as flooring for your home.

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  • Selection: Online sellers and distributors have access to infinitely more flooring styles and products than a physical store does. The storefront seller is only able to show you products from the flooring companies they represent, they may only have room in their inventory for a few styles, and chances are they carry the pricier flooring so that they can pay sales commissions.
  • Availability: Online distributors without an inherently limited selection of products, avoid the risk of selling out, causing you to wait until more of your flooring choice is brought in from the manufacturer. A physical flooring store can only handle a limited inventory. The bottom line is that, with an online store, there is simply more of every style sitting in any one of many giant warehouses, waiting for you to order it.
  • Knowledge Base: When you visit the flooring shop down the street, you will inevitably have a slew of questions about your investment. Chances are, there are only going to be one or two experts from whom you can draw information. By contrast, reliable information about every facet of the flooring industry can be found online, and is always increasing. On the flooring websites, you have access to all of the questions people just like you have asked, and the answers they received.
  • Convenience: Yes, it applies here, too. You can order flooring in your underwear (although how the flooring got in your underwear, we’ll never know—sorry). As with any online purchase from home, you can shop and select, ask questions, and place an order any time, day or night. There is no need to negotiate work or school schedules, or to get dressed and out the door, and you can even save a little gas money.
  • Pricing: Because there is no “middle-man” or sales rep vying for your dollars, there is no physical building to pay for, and because of the aforementioned selection and availability, prices are generally lower on the Internet. And since there is no set nationwide pricing in the flooring industry, the same plank of wood flooring may cost $10 sq. ft. in Omaha, NE, $8.00 sq. ft. in Charlotte, NC and $6.00 sq.ft. in Jacksonville, FL.
Some people are still leery about online purchases, especially for something as important as home improvement products. And while no system is perfect, the process of buying your next supply of flooring might be more pleasant if you’re in the comfort of your own underwear—I mean, home. We always recommend that you find the product at your local store or get a sample first before purchasing online. If you have any questions please contact one of the FastFloors Flooring Consultants at 1-800-764-1212.

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