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Factory Finished Hardwood Flooring, The Charm of Reclaimed Timber

Posted: Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Reclaimed timber flooring is nearly impossible to match. Reclaimed timber is often reclaimed from barns, rural structures and more. The origins and stories behind this flooring are just one aspect that people adore. It's the look of reclaimed timber that enhances any space that this style of flooring is placed in.

But you can capture the charm of reclaimed timber elsewhere – with factory finished hardwood flooring.

Factory finished hardwood flooring is also known as prefinished hardwood flooring. Factory finished differs from "site-finished," where sanding, staining, and coatings are applied after the boards are applied. With factory finished, the work is done before the floor is installed, meaning you don't have to endure messy dust or harmful fumes.

But there’s more to factory finished hardwood flooring than just less mess. These floors perform better over time, and can have a better “look” because the stains and coatings are applied in a controlled factory setting.

When it first came out, factory finished flooring was mostly made available in oak. But today you can purchase this type of flooring in a variety of finishes and colors, making it possible to capture the charm of reclaimed timber.

If you want the beauty of reclaimed timber, you may ask yourself why not just get reclaimed timber flooring. Here's the problem. Truly salvaged wood comes at a high cost, a cost that most consumers can't or aren't willing to commit to. That’s where factory finished hardwood flooring comes in. Not only is it available at a much lower cost, but it can also stand up to moisture fluctuations better than any type of flooring that's finished onsite.

No one disputes the beauty of reclaimed timber, but most regular consumers don't have the resources to capture that essence of reclaimed timber in their homes … until now. Factory finished hardwood flooring is the answer.