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Exotics Hardwood Flooring by Mannington

Posted: April 10, 2013

The Exotics hardwood collection perfectly illustrates Mannington’s commitment mission of providing globally influenced flooring that fits the trends of the modern American home. You can choose a wide variety of styles including True Bamboo, Brazilian Cherry and Mayan Pecan to capture an exotic feel inside your American home.

True Bamboo, for example, isn’t just named that for marketing purposes. It’s made from 100% bamboo, and in fact, uses the entire talk of the bamboo so that your flooring looks just like a bamboo pole. The Mayan Pecan celebrates the tight knotholes and dramatic graining of this wood, which accentuates the rich visual depth of every board.

A hardwood flooring with incomparable environmental attributes

By choosing the Exotics hardwood flooring collection by Mannington, you’re choosing to make a positive impact on the environment. Mannington has a strict sustainable forestry policy that encourages responsible forestry. All Mannington woods come from Certified Mannington Vendors who subscribe to this strict policy.

Furthermore, Mannington’s Exotic Hardwood collection is engineered hardwood floors, which use half as many trees as solid wood floors, but are more durable. Mannington’s hardwood flooring products are also FloorScore certified, and exceed the formaldehyde levels set forth in CARB phase I and II.

The exotic look without the exotic price

Chances are that if you’re looking to capture an exotic hardwood look inside your home, you’ve accepted the fact that you’ll have to pay the exotic price. Many so-called high-end manufacturers have led consumers to believe that high-end hardwoods must be priced expensively to earn the label of “luxury.” However, luxury and quality do not have to come at a hefty price.

Mannington has maintained its small-business roots. It was founded in Salem, New Jersey, and still operates there, in addition to its plants in Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina. It’s continued to be a family-run business for four generations, helping Mannington to never lose site of what’s important: being good to their customers. It’s this mentality that allows Mannington to offer high-quality hardwoods at prices far lower than other “luxury” manufacturers.

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