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EarthWerks - Flooring Inspired by Nature

Posted: Monday, March 28, 2011

EarthWerks FlooringThe beauty of nature…we search it out, revolve vacations around it, and spend as much time in it as we can. We feel better and relax when we're around the natural elements. So why not bring those elements that bring you such joy right into your home or office with EarthWerks flooring? EarthWerks offers a beautiful selection of engineered hardwood, laminate and vinyl flooring,  that could be the gateway to bringing nature into your room.

EarthWerks' hardwoods are actually engineered. Engineered hardwood differs from solid hardwood in a few ways. It is made up of veneers of hardwood adhered to a multi-ply core center. You get a lot of strength with engineered floors, and for all intents and purposes in look and function, it's difficult to tell the difference between the two.

Engineered flooring can be glued down, nailed or stapled down, or installed as a floating floor. Your subfloor, type of wood, and other preferences will determine which installation would be best. It's always a good idea to get professional installers for hardwood floors if it's in the budget, but it is a project you can do yourself. You just want to make sure you follow the installation guidelines to the letter and be certain you have the appropriate tools for the job. As with everything, having (or not having) the right tool can make or break a project.

Hardwood flooring from EarthWerks is given an ultra-strong, durable, multi-coat polyurethane finish that will help your floors resist stains, scratches, and dents, but you can definitely take some steps to further protect your new floor.

One thing you can do is to put door mats at all entrances to the outside into the room. This will help trap debris, little rocks, and dirt that stick to the bottoms of people's shoes. You also need to use soft rubber casters to move large pieces of furniture—and never drag any furniture, heavy or light, across the floor. Also refrain from wearing high heels on a hardwood floor…they can really wreak some havoc. Beyond that, consistent sweeping and dry mopping will keep your floor beautiful for years.

And when you look at your beautiful floor from EarthWerks, you can embrace the nature that you've invited to live with you, and appreciate its beauty and support every single day.