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Contemporary & Traditional Area Rugs

Posted: Friday, February 26, 2010


A Brief History of Area Rugs

Area rugs are not just a way of adding style to a room; they are also used to help keep the room warm.  The price of a rug is not for the pattern it has but for the material it was made from.  The trend these days is in modernizing the interior of our homes so the substitute used are contemporary rugs.  Placing a plain off-white rug would have been a bad idea once but today such rugs are used to add class. The rugs which were first preferred were the traditional rugs, they went out of style and now contemporary rugs have taken over.

The most popular area rugs today are contemporary rugs and they are considered as ultramodern rugs. The pattern of these rugs are generally very attractive, intricate designs. The best thing about the contemporary rugs is their color. The colors used in weaving are brighter and more attractive than that of the traditional or cultural rugs.  These rugs can be placed anywhere around the house, in the bedroom, living room, corridors, study room etc. In modern rugs, patterns are used with a darker or brighter base color or the patterns are laid over in different sizes and multiple colors over the base color. This gives a modern and colorful effect to the rugs. This is just an example of a simply made modern rug, but there are a lot more fun added to these rugs using color and huge patterns.

The traditional rugs make use of small flowery and leafy patterns all over the surface in a repeated manner.  They never used huge circled or squared patterns. The ordinary shapes of the traditional rugs are square, rectangle, circle and oval where as the modern rugs offer more shape and size to choose from.

Area rugs, whether of contemporary or traditional origin, can be very delicate and expensive. The more delicate an area rug is, the more cost it will demand against it. Special maintenance and care must also be taken for the cleaning and dusting of the rugs.