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Area Rugs

Posted: Friday, February 26, 2010

Area rugs are a very good flooring option and add sophistication to any room. The good thing about area rugs is that one can get a beautiful handmade rug at a reasonable price. A key feature of hand-made rugs is that once made, the same can never be reproduced. This feature adds to its attraction and uniqueness and people who value art consider each area rug as such.


Where to Begin

Choosing an area rug is not an easy task. There are many things to keep in mind while buying an area rug. The first thing is budgeting for this type of purchase. Once the budget is determined, consider the colors, look and size of the rug you would like to purchase.  If you are paying less for the rug, do not think that you will be getting a lower quality rug as many area rugs are competitively priced Take into account the type of flooring where the rug would be laid.  Dark colored rugs would only look good on light colored flooring whereas light colored rugs would look good with darker flooring like hardwood. 



The texture is also a factor that should be considered among other things. The texture is a feature that makes the rug look neat or casual. Make sure to pick the texture which goes more with the décor of the room. Are rugs are also available with themes; two common themes themes are tropical and modern.

The tropical themes look gorgeous with light hardwood flooring. The most typical example of the tropical themed area rugs is Bamboo Area rugs.  The modern themed area rugs are those that have a modern look of geometric patterns, straight lines, angles and shiny surfaces. It is important to use these rugs when the décor of the room is modern or else they would clash with the room. The color of the furniture to go with such themed rugs should be black, silver or white. Of course, there are many other themes to choose from that will satisfy anyone's taste and style.