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Anderson Wood Flooring

Posted: April 28, 2013

One of the most common reactions heard when someone sees Anderson wood flooring for the first time is a gasp. People can’t control their amazement at the craftsmanship and beauty that goes into this wood flooring.

Today, Anderson Wood Flooring boasts one of the most extensive selections of hardwood flooring available, but it all began as a Carolina-based family business, run by L.W. Anderson in 1946.

This one-time small family business has retained its simple core values while evolving into a leader in hardwood flooring.

How did a family-run business become one of the country’s leading hardwood manufacturers? By realizing that above all else, a hardwood floor must reflect and complement the home it will go into.

Anderson offers a variety of finishes, using both handcrafted and machine processed techniques for their hardwood flooring. Available finishes include:

  • Painted texture
  • Perma-color
  • Hand sculpted
  • High gloss unfilled
  • Smooth
  • Solid hand-scraped
  • Painted distressed

When shopping for hardwood flooring, people often take into consideration the feel of the wood. For example, oak trees generally provide a rough texture (and a rugged look) whereas maple trees provide a smoother texture.

The finish of floorboards can alter the look and feel of the wood, however, Anderson wood flooring can also be coated with a Luster-Lock Ultra finish, which has not only shown to be six-times more resistant to scuffs and abrasions, but does not change the floorboards’ overall texture or appearance.

No two floorboards are ever the same

Anderson Wood Flooring exudes the idea of custom flooring, and the story behind the flooring is truly unique to Anderson. Most of the craftsmanship is performed within the Anderson Prison Work Program, located in state correctional institutions in South Carolina and Tennessee. This voluntary work program helps rehabilitate the lives of prisoners by offering them trade skills and work ethic. On top of that, wages paid to the prisoners are divided among the state, victims, and the prisoners’ families.

What this means is that when you choose Anderson wood flooring, you help support positive change in people’s lives, you keep your money inside the US, and you get a truly unique hardwood flooring you will be able to enjoy for generations.

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