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American Florim

Posted: Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Introducing the Innovative Flooring of American Florim

American Florim

American Florim - hailing from the trusted name of Florim USA, always has its eyes focused on the future. Good enough is never enough for this consistently innovative company that has a history of creating timeless and sustainable porcelain products that are eco-friendly and simply breathtaking.

The Florim Group of Italy has owned Florim USA since 2000, and since then have established some phenomenal numbers to demonstrate their commitment toward innovation and green initiatives. That includes investing more than $60 million in technology in 2012 alone - renovating their Clarksville, Tennessee factory, and boasting 100% recycling of all production waste.

As one of the first companies to introduce HDG (High Definition Graphic) technology to the American public, American Florim is synonymous with trendsetting in the flooring industry.

Products made in the USA, with unmatched Italian style.

American Florim's line of tile and stone flooring captures an array of style and beauty, from across the globe … and beyond. With their manufacturing facility located in the heart of America, coupled with the company's long history of producing fashionable, top-quality products, American Florim's lines of stone and tile flooring are as much works of art, as they are proof of progress and technology.

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Afrika CollectionTheir Afrika Collection and Afrika Mosaic, represents the natural beauty of the diverse continent, including swirls and soft lines that reflect the beauty of African's sand dunes. The line comes in four distinct colors - Cairo, Cape Town, Nairobi, and Dakar.

Corfinio CollectionHonoring its roots through its products, American Florim's Corfinio Collection was inspired by the ancient beauty of Corfinium, a historical rural Italian town that reflects the grandeur and style of the Roman Empire at its peak.

Durango CollectionModern is the focus of the Durango Collection, a collection that features the rich colors of Sand, Gold, Silver and Taupe. Use various sized tiles to create your own patterns and style for any room.

Ethos CollectionEthos, or "character," is the perfect title for the Ethos Collection, that combines a world of quality into one product, found in three colors, each of which emulate natural stone. Colors come in Beige, Grey and Noce.

IStoneThe versatility of the IStone is evident in the places it can be installed - from commercial to residential settings. Almond, Grey, Sand and Walnut make up the IStone collection, which is comprised of glazed porcelain with superior technical properties.

LayersDespite coming in distinct colors such as Aggregate, Chalk, Obsidian, and Sediment, Layers is aptly named for several reasons. Firstly, each tile comes with unique grains and character that add depth and direction to your design. Furthermore, it's easy to combine and mix each color to create a multicolor design.

Natural SelectionNatural Selection from American Florim features a unique gradual bright color variation that provides not only character and depth, but a naturalistic tone to your commercial or residential setting. We're proud to offer the Mosaic collection in Origin, Evolution and Species.

Normandy CollectionRadiancy is on display with the Normandy Collection, where varying degrees of beige tones melt with one another to serve as both a centerpiece of discussion, and the perfect backdrop.

Plantation CollectionEmbracing its position as an American mainstay, American Florim introduces the Plantation Collection, where American woods are cherished and celebrated in four tones - Antique Oak, Cherry, Dark Walnut and Driftwood.

Sequoyah CollectionWhat better represents the beauty of American wood than the mighty sequoia, which is why Florim's Sequoyah Collection is the perfect compliment to the American Florim family. This glazed porcelain collection is inspired by natural stone and is adaptive to most settings.

Spoleto CollectionAnyone looking to achieve a natural stone look that adapts to many settings need not look any further than the Spoleto Collection, that consists of Beige, Gray, Ivory and Noce, each of which can be matched with one another to design your own work of art.

Stonefire CollectionFew things can live up to the natural beauty of a sunset, except, perhaps, the beauty of Florim's Stonefire Collection, which captures not only the hues of the setting sun, but the many shadows and shades that are born from this daily event.

StratosNoted as the jewel of Florim USA, Stratos features Florim's High Definition Graphics, making it perfect for wall and floor settings. It encapsulates simplicity and contemporaneity with its bold tones, including Antracite, Avorio, Cenere, Corda, and Silver.

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Tiburstone CollectionNatural tones and definition can be found in Florim's Tiburstone Collection, which is one of the premium collections in Florim USA's line. With bold colors of Beige, Gold, Blend, and Noce, as well as Mosaic line, Tiburstone can be used to create settings of varying patterns.

Urban CollectionThe Urban Collection (both Urban Landscape and Urban Wood) exudes chic and smooth in striking tones. Landscape comes in varying colors of Midtown, Tribeca, Chelsea, Soho, South Side, Silver Lake and Brighton, while Urban Wood comes in the mesmerizing looks of Ash, Honey, Wenge, Walnut, and White Birch.

WSlate CollectionThe WSlate Collection not only features dark, light and indigo colors, but also the unique slightly cleft surface, thus making them the perfect emulation of natural slate, without the high maintenance.

Wish CollectionThe Wish Collection is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms, with its distinctive, earthy colors that provide the splendor of stone withou t the drawbacks. Colors include Earth, Gold, Ivory and Noce.

Woodlands CollectionThe Woodlands Collection can be used in both interior and exterior settings, such as for garden walls and patio surfaces. Use one single color tile or mix and match multiple shades for greater depth.

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