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General Questions
Does accept returns if I order too much material?
Are all of the products first quality genuine?
I only need accessories. How do I purchase them from
What if I don't order enough material and I run short?
Are we "Authorized Dealers" for everything we sell?
Should I place my order online or by telephone?
How do I know the products I need are in stock?
Will beat any other quote I receive?
Is the manufacturer warranty valid if I purchase the product online?
I am looking for a discontinued flooring product.
I have installation questions on flooring I have ordered or will be ordering.
I would like to take advantage of your sale prices but I do not need the flooring yet.
I would like brochures, pictures, etc. of some different types of flooring products.
Should I consider real wood or plastic laminate flooring?
I saw a flooring product at a local home center and cannot find it in your site.
I've never made a large Internet purchase. Will I get what I ordered?
I saw the manufacturer I am looking for on your web site but not the actual product.
I would like someone at to suggest a color or pattern.
I need a price quote on one or more products sells.
There is a certain color or pattern I want but I do not have the manufacturer's name.