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Rebates, Cash Back & Coupons
How do I get an extra discount for paying by check instead of by credit card?
Where do I get the rebate form to fill out and mail in?
What is the rebate processing time (how long does it take to get the check)?
How can I check the status of my rebate?
Will I be advised you received my rebate form and documents?
How do I apply for my rebate and what do I send in?
I mailed in my rebate but never received a check. How do I file a claim for this?
I forgot to send in my rebate on time. Can I send it in now even though it's late?
How do I get a copy of my invoice to include with the rebate form?
Can you send me the rebate form by e-mail or mail?
My product was back-ordered or delayed and won't be delivered in time to make the "must be postmarked by". What do I do?
Can I still get a rebate if I use a coupon or receive a discount?
How do I get the Area Rug rebate form?