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Question :
How do I apply for my rebate and what do I send in?
Answer :
You can only receive a rebate check by sending in the required rebate form and any other required documents by the "must be postmarked by" date. We DO NOT send you the rebate forms and rebate payments ARE NOT automatically sent. In most cases simply send in the rebate form, a copy of your invoice and a photocopy of the delivery receipt that you sign (the driver always gives you a copy). Check the rebate rules that apply to the rebate you are applying for.

As long as you are eligible for a rebate, have your invoice number and the "Ship To" zip code ready and go to

As a note, if your order is being delivered after the "Must be Postmarked by" date, you must send in the rebate form and the invoice copy by the correct date. The delivery receipt can be sent separately within ten days of the delivery. If you fail to send in any of the required documents, your rebate will be rejected.

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