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Question :
I would like to take advantage of your sale prices but I do not need the flooring yet.
Answer :
If you would like to take advantage of a current sale price on one of our products but you do not want the flooring delivered immediately, we can accommodate you. You can purchase any of our products now and delay the shipping up to four months into the future. You would simply place the order and pay a deposit (typically 50%) and tell us when you would like the flooring delivered. We will contact you two to four weeks prior to the delivery date to verify the shipping time frame and collect the balance due. This will allow you to get the special pricing now without the hassle of having to store the material yourself.

*Please note that we will always make sure you have the lowest price available. If you order flooring in advance and for any reason the price drops prior to us shipping the order, we will adjust your pricing to reflect the lower price. If the price increases you will not be billed any extra.

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