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Order & Shipping Information
What about shipping costs? Do I pay for shipping?
How long does it take for shipping?
Do you deliver on weekends or holidays?
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Rebates, Cash Back & Coupons
How do I get an extra discount for paying by check instead of by credit card?
Where do I get the rebate form to fill out and mail in?
What is the rebate processing time (how long does it take to get the check)?
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Pricing & Payments
Your prices are extremely low. Is your material first quality?
How does paying with a check instead of a credit card work?
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Refunds, Returns and Claims
I think my product may be defective. How do I file a claim?
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General Questions
Does accept returns if I order too much material?
Are all of the products first quality genuine?
I only need accessories. How do I purchase them from
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