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Area Rugs - Features & Benefits

Posted: Thursday, February 25, 2010

In the nineteenth century, floor coverings overtook the market and were commonly placed over hardwood floors for a decorative and/or protective effect. Today, they have become so common that you can find them in almost every home. Area rugs are a good way to give your room an added charm while enhancing the beauty.  They are available in an array of colors and styles.  Some are handmade and come in very intricate and beautiful designs.


Why Consider an Area Rug?

Area rugs are a wonderful type of floor covering.  They have three advantages: to enhance the look of a room, to retain heat within a room and to help protect the floor (especially in high traffic areas). The material used in the weaving of a rug is usually threaded and is known to have the capability of retaining heat.  This quality has made them more popular to be used in homes with colder climates. However countries with a warmer climate use floor rugs to add style to their home. They are a gorgeous addition to wood and other kinds of floors.

Floor rugs are available in different sizes and shapes. Their vibrant colors are their main attraction and can brighten up any room. Their versatility gives you the leverage of matching them up with your decorative tastes, so you can be as creative as possible with them.  Many area rugs are handmade and may be rather expensive and perhaps a bit more delicate than mass produced alternatives.  However, the way the beauty and elegance of a handmade area rug is unparalleled.


How to Maintain Your Rug

Regular vacuuming is generally all that is required for cleaning area rugs, but you do want to be careful around the edge of the rug, especially if it has a fringe. Special care must be taken while washing area rugs, the use of shampooing products or sprays is not recommended.  It is also not advised to "beat" a rug clean as this can cause threads to come loose, damaging the base of the rug.  Some more helpful hints:


  • Never fold an area rug: rolling it up is the best way to store one.

  • Steam cleaning is your best bet to remove stains.  Be careful of harsh cleaning products that may contain chemicals.

  • Vacuum the carpet weekly from *both* sides.