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Cork Flooring - Best Value For your Money

Posted: Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why Cork?

Contemporary Flooring has showcased various options such as beauty and durability while maintaining an affordable price tag.  The ideal flooring option that encompasses all three of these qualities is Cork Flooring.  Cork is also comfortable, environmentally friendly and can bring a unique visual appeal to any room.  The most practical rooms for cork flooring are the kitchen or a study room.

Cork is considered a sustainable and renewable natural resource.  The cost of cork flooring is very affordable when compared with tile flooring.  The cost per square foot for a cork floor, including installation, is no more than a quality ceramic tile floor.  Though the materials for this type of flooring option are relatively cheap, the installation charges may demand a higher rate.  However, the unique look and durability inherent to cork makes it worth paying a few extra bucks.

There are additional benefits to cork floors besides being environmentally friendly and beautiful.   Due to its shock absorbing feature, cork floors are ideal for people who need to stand for long periods of time.  Cork flooring is also hypoallergenic, as well as a natural antimicrobial.

Cork Style

Do not assume that cork flooring is a boring option with only plain brown floors, because the texture of cork floors is another enchanting feature.  Cork is available in many, very attractive, rich patterns and vibrant colors. There are colors and patterns for every flooring taste.

Cork flooring is available in mainly two shapes i.e. panels and tiles. The size of an ordinary panel is about twelve inches wide and thirty six inches long. The edges of these panels are made to firmly interlock together. The tile sizes vary and are easy to install with glue.

There are two methods for installing cork floors:

Glue-down Installation

Floated Clic Installation

(See our articles for step by step instructions)

Cork flooring is pretty low maintaince and only requires that you periodically vacuum and perhaps run a damp mop over the surface. Clean with only mild liquids and do not use harsh chemicals. It is essential to use only the products recommended by the manufacturer for cleaning purposes.

Cork flooring is a real value for your money and a great investment in the long run. Its durability ensures you have a great looking floor for years to come. In addition, cork is environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. Cork Flooring is the best option for people who are looking for durability, low maintenance and beauty. Cork can add a bit of charm to any room.