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Get An Antique Look With Modern Flooring

Posted: Monday, October 05, 2009

Home building and home ownership have really exploded in the past few generations. Flooring technologies have developed in leaps and bounds in that same time. However, one style that has been lost is the hand-made, antique look in favor of manufactured woods and alternate flooring materials. While those technologies have made better floors with more unique applications, many homeowners are looking for the antique style again. That old world look can be captured again in a new construction or renovation with wide plank and hand scraped hardwood floors.


Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring


Hardwood floors made from wide planks call back to older days when harvested trees were lumbered into planks that were at least a foot wide. This wood was from old hardwood that was aged for decades, producing a rich tapestry of knots and grains. Today, this look comes from recycling old hardwoods and reclaimed wood from demolished structures that are milled back into wide planks. The wood is new, but the look is old world.


Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring


There are still craftsman out there who hand make their own hardwood planks. Each piece of wood is individually worked which grants them a unique appearance, The Amish artisans are renowned for their beautiful hand scraped hardwood flooring planks. Modern manufactures can replicate that effect on distressed wood, which is wood that has been artificially aged and worn to simulate this beautiful, natural wood.


If homeowners today can’t have the same glorious hardwoods from generations past, our current flooring technology can certainly bring us back.