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The Ins And Outs Of Staining Hardwood Floors

Posted: Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hardwood floors are an elegant choice in home decorating. The wide variety of available colors can create a modern look or the feel of a casual, rustic country home. Hardwood flooring stands up extremely well to time. However, the color and finish on a hardwood floor can and will change over enough years due to exposure to UV rays from sunlight or heavy traffic. Sometimes, homeowners want to redecorate a room, buy a new furniture suite, or update to a contemporary style. In all of these cases, staining a hardwood floor will breathe new life into a room to either match a new style or revitalize the current look.


Staining a hardwood floor gives the homeowner new color options. Lighter stains, such as oak or maple, can make a room feel larger and give it a country or casual look. Using a darker stain like mahogany or cherry can transform a room into a formal dining area. Whether a floor is to be stained lighter or darker, do not try to match the new color to furniture or cabinetry colors exactly. Getting a perfect match is nearly impossible. It is better to use complementary colors rather than choosing a color that is close, but not quite right, as it will stand out as a mismatch.


Overall, homes with hardwood floors are in higher demand and sell for greater prices, so refinishing and staining a floor can be a good investment to build home equity. Whatever the reason, adding a fresh look to a hardwood floor will enhance the beauty of any room and the owner’s enjoyment of that space.