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Mixing Flooring Types In A Home

Posted: Thursday, September 03, 2009

With so many flooring choices, few homes today use one type of floor in every room in the house. Certain flooring styles complement each other well and many types have enough color and style options that they can be mixed with themselves in different rooms. A great example is tile flooring. Ceramic tiles work well in many rooms, from the kitchen and bathroom for their moisture resistance to a family room for its durability in high traffic areas.


Using ceramic tile in the common room doesn’t stop you from using different tile flooring in the bathrooms. In fact, the change in style or color is a good mix within the same home. Even in the same room, the size of the ceramic tiles can be varied to create patterns, define areas, and express your design sense. If an open floor plan is used, changes in ceramic tile style, color, or size can differentiate different parts of the home while still retaining the open feeling of the floor plan.


Hardwood floors, on the other hand, do not typically do well if they are mixed in the same home. The only exception would be to change wood species on different floors on the house, so the first level could have a different color than the second level. Occasionally, if a door completely separates two rooms, different styles of hardwood floors could be used. Either way, if hardwood floors are mixed, each different room should still have the planks running in the same direction to keep a sense of continuity in the home.


In the end, mixing flooring types between or within rooms is a great way to make a space stand out.