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Energy Efficient Flooring

We have energy efficient homes, appliances, lighting and much more. So is there such a thing as an energy efficient flooring or tile product? Well I guess that depends on the definition of energy efficient and also partially on where you live. You can get more efficiency out of your flooring if you live in areas where there is a more constant climate with a perfect example being where we are headquartered here in Florida. With it being mostly warm all year round, switching to hard surface flooring such as tile for example can help keep your home slightly cooler and use less air conditioning. You can give the floor some warmth by adding area rugs throughout the home.


If you live in areas where there are longer cold periods, then you also might be better off with tile or hardwood flooring with a heated sub-floor. If you heat the sub-floor in the long run you will end up using your home's heating system less which is much more costly to run than the sub-floor heating system.


If you factor cost into your efficiency calculation then without question hard surface flooring such as tile, stone, laminate flooring or wood floors would absolutely be more cost efficient. If you look at carpet which lasts on average five years or so, and factor in the replacement cost, that's where your hard surface choice becomes much more efficient and cost effective.


What about saving electric by not having to vacuum carpeting? Okay we'll admit this is slightly a stretch but if you have hard surface flooring which you usually have to mop every few days to a week, you will avoid using the vacuum as much which does consume a fair amount of power when it's running. Now we're not saying you're going to see a noticeable drop in your power bill but hey, every little bit counts when we're talking energy efficiency right?


One last efficiency statement primarily geared to you men. Being a married man myself I can tell you from experience that a new floor such as tile, bamboo, cork, wood or laminate will create instant efficiency for you with your wife. When you know your wife wants that new flooring or tile and you purchase it for her, you might get to use that as leverage which could make you more efficient at say fishing the Florida Keys for a long weekend with your buddies. That's my kind of efficiency! Just remember to make sure you purchase your flooring, tile or rugs here at We appreciate your business and we'll work hard to keep it.