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Keeping Your Bamboo Floor Pristine

Posted: Monday, July 27, 2009

Bamboo floors are an incredibly unique and beautiful home design choice. Made from the grass of a bamboo tree, they can actually be stronger than some hardwoods. Bamboo floors are one of the hottest trends in green home design and are becoming much more common in our homes. With these few simple guidelines, keeping a bamboo floor looking its best is easy.


Like a hardwood floor, bamboo floors have a urethane top coat to protect their finish. The best way to maintain the finish is to have walk-off mats at the entryway to the house to reduce the dirt and grit that travels inside. Regular sweeping and vacuuming with a soft bristle attachment will keep the dirt from wearing down the floor’s surface. Periodically after vacuuming the floor, you should also wash your bamboo flooring.


Bamboo floors are resistant to water, so you can use a wet mop to clean them, but as always, do not saturate the floor. Using a micro fiber mop head will give you an amazing clean that dries quickly. The most important thing is to avoid leaving streaks or detergent residue buildup on the bamboo floor. The best cleaners are no rinse, clear-drying solutions. To preserve the finish, avoid cleaners that contain oil or harsh caustic or acidic ingredients. Never wax your bamboo floor either!


Bamboo flooring is extremely durable and also very flexible. It will withstand a lot of punishment, and with a good cleaning regimen, the finish will last just as long.