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Cleaning And Caring For A Hardwood Floor

Posted: Monday, July 27, 2009

Hardwood floors bring a certain elegance and character to a living space. Their timeless, natural beauty signifies your commitment to maintaining the best look in your home. Take the proper care for your hardwood flooring and it will retain its beauty for years to come.


The first step is to place area rugs or walk off mats at each entryway and anywhere that might get splashed with water. They will pick up the dirt and grit that will scratch hardwood floors. Make sure the mats do not have a rubber backing or a non-ventilated back and shake them out often. Sweep your hardwood floors regularly and you may also vacuum with a soft bristled brush.


When it comes time for a more thorough cleaning, you have to be more careful. If your hardwood flooring has a urethane finish, you should never wax the floor and never use cleaner that will leave a film or residue. Also, do not use ammonia based cleaners or oil soaps as these will damage your finish. Since wood naturally absorbs water, do not wet mop or otherwise get the hardwood floor excessively wet as the planks will swell and then crack or splinter.


To get those stains out of the floor, you will have to use your retailer’s special cleaning solution to preserve the finish. A terrycloth mop with the special cleaner lightly sprayed on stained areas should be enough to lift the dirt off of the floor.


While cleaning hardwood floors takes a little extra care, the ever-lasting beauty of a hardwood floor is worth the extra effort.