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Become Inspired By The Beauty Of Hardwood Flooring

Posted: Thursday, July 02, 2009

Hardwood flooring is the premium choice for beautiful flooring in your home. Instantly raise the value of your house with a hardwood floor, both the equity in your home and the enjoyment of your living space. Each species of wood conveys its own unique look in color, design, and feeling. Hardwood floors offer design choices for contemporary and classic looks alike and can match existing wood furniture or provide a pleasing contrast. Each hardwood flooring type also comes in different sizes that vary the grain of the wood and the visual texture of a floor.


If you want to express your home in a modern, contemporary look, try maple or birch hardwood floors. Those species will provide the sharp clean look of an up-to-date modern home with warm tones.  The classic look is provided by species such as mahogany or cherry to reflect the timeless look of rich colors and dark woods. A casual, rustic look comes from hardwood floors that are made from oak or pine and give visitors the feeling of a comfortable, warm home.


The finishing touch on a hardwood floor is the size of the cut. The width and length of the cuts of wood can also invoke your personal style. Shorter lengths and smaller widths will convey an active look with many changes in grain while longer, wider cuts will open up the look of a room. No matter what your taste, hardwood flooring delivers the perfect look.