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Cork Flooring For All Of Your Home Improvement Needs

Posted: Thursday, July 02, 2009

Cork floors are found in colleges, churches, mansions, and even the Library of Congress. A cork floor can be a big improvement for any space. Cork floors work great in the kitchen because they are naturally water resistant and will not rot. A cork floor can be installed in your living room since it helps insulate against those cold winter mornings where your feet freeze as you walk through the room. They also insulate sound so are a great choice for condos where you want to minimize the noise from your neighbors.


Cork floors are also good for your health. Cork does not absorb dust which makes it hypoallergenic for those of us who suffer from asthma and indoor allergies. They also form a barrier against insects such as termites that will not eat cork flooring and against microbes and germs. Cork floors are an excellent value versus other flooring types for design on a dime; it can be up to half price compared to its alternatives.


You won’t sacrifice style for value either since cork comes in dozens of patterns and designs to fit any décor. Another great benefit helps us all; cork is a natural renewable material, making it a "green" flooring option.


With unbeatable value, resilience for a long lifetime, allergy and germ health benefits, and an environmentally friendly choice, cork flooring is your first choice for your home improvement needs.