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Piece Together The Perfect Floor With Tile Flooring

Posted: Thursday, July 02, 2009

As kids we loved to build and put together things, from Lincoln Logs to Legos or just sticks and rocks in the backyard. Ceramic tiles can be used like the colors on a painter�s palette to create a tile floor that is totally unique to your home and exactly reflects your personal style. Ceramic tiles come in a variety of sizes and shapes and nearly endless styles and textures. The shear amount of options for a tile floor may be daunting, but they offer you the freedom to perfectly create the look you want.

When designing your tile flooring, first pick the size of your ceramic tiles. They range in size from one inch to 24 inches and come in square and rectangular shapes. Larger tiles can give an area an open look, but tiles that are too large would look like panels rather than tiles, so find a good balance. Smaller tiles offer more flexibility in designs, but may make an area look busy. Mixing and matching sizes will also add variety to a room.

Your tile floor can have any kind of look and feel to it. The natural stone look can offer a warm appearance where marble like tiles offer that elegant, glossy style. Tiles come in many additional styles such as eclectic mosaics and rough outdoor brick face. The texture of your tile floor can also range from smooth, highly-glossed to non-slip rough surfaces.

Let your imagination go wild with all of the options available for tile flooring.