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Ceramic Tile Qualities & Ratings

Posted: 01 JUL 2002

The quality of ceramic tile is rated in five groups. Each group represents a tile’s durability under specific levels of traffic. The lower the group number, the lower the tile’s durability.

The following information provides a group-number-to-traffic-level correlation and describes the location best suited for each group.

Group 1 - Light Traffic
Tiles in this group are usually used for residential bathroom flooring and are not recommended for any area exposed to heavy foot traffic.

Group 2 - Moderate Traffic
Group 2 tiles can be used on residential interior floors, but should not be used in areas such as kitchens, entry ways and stairs that are subject to tracked in or spilled abrasives.

Group 3 - Moderate to Heavy Traffic
These tiles can be used for any residential or light commercial application. The only place that they are not recommended is in heavy traffic commercial areas, like banks and restaurants.

Group 4 - Heavy Traffic
Tiles that qualify for Group 4 can be used for any residential and nearly all commercial applications. These tiles are durable enough to be used in such heavy traffic areas as shopping malls.

Group 5 - Ultra Heavy Traffic
Group 5 tiles are the most durable and can be used for all residential, commercial, and even industrial applications where extreme durability is a must.