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Mullican - American Hardwood Flooring

Posted: Tuesday, April 15, 2014
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StonePeakBorn from the woods of the Appalachian forests, Mullican remains a staple in American craftsmanship for their progressive and eco-friendly hardwood flooring. Their dedication toward creating high quality hardwood flooring has placed them as a global leader in the industry. With a focus on precision milling, advanced kiln-drying techniques, and diligent inspectors throughout the process, Mullican has built a name as a trusted source for hardwood flooring.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that they begin their manufacturing process by tapping into the slow-growing hardwoods of the Appalachian, where consistent grain patterns, color and durability reign.

Hardwood flooring that’s eco-friendly

While Mullican has established itself as an industry leader in providing some of the finest flooring available, they have another mission as well - the mission to preserve natural resources. Mullican has partnered with the National Wood Flooring Association to develop a program (the Responsible Procurement Program), that makes it easy for consumers to identify hardwood products that are produced in an environmentally friendly manner.

Because of the work of Mullican, consumers are easily able to see if a product was harvested from non-controversial sources where timber growth exceeds loss. And they don’t just talk the talk...

Once Mullican’s wood is harvested, it’s transported to one of four facilities in Virginia, West Virginia, New York, and Tennessee, each of which hold the Forest Stewardship Council Chain-of-Custody certification. This certification means that the entire supply chain for Mullican meets the FSC standards of environmentally friendly forestry.

US Born and Raised

USAMullican takes pride in their American roots. 100% of the company’s prefinished and unfinished solid flooring is produced within the United States, as well as a good deal of their engineered floors. This included a significant shift, in 2012, when the company transferred a great deal of its Asian-based engineered manufacturing to its renovated Johnson City, Tennessee plant. Not only has that move increased jobs for Americans, but it’s minimized transportation costs and allows Mullican to quickly release their products to the American market.

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The Wealth of Mullican flooring

The Austin Springs Collection of engineered flooring features the company’s new 5G easy installation Locking System, and comes in Hickory Cottage, Hickory Stirrup, Maple Autumn, Maple Cappuccino, Maple Mocha, Maple Natural, Maple Provincial, and Oak Caramel, Oak Ebony, Oak Gunstock, Oak Provincial, Oak Saddle, Oak Sangria and Red Oak Natural.

USATheir Castillian Collection is considered one of the most exquisite selections of engineered flooring ever designed. It features optional surface appearances including rustic, hand sculpted and wire-brushed. Colors include Hickory Mink, Hickory Suede, Oak Coffee Bean, Oak Driftwood, Oak Expresso, Oak Glacier, Oak Latte, Oak Midnight, Oak Sandstone, Oak Wine Barrel, Walnut Colonial, and White Oak Natural.

Chalmette comes in 5” widths for a truly custom look, and provides your space with a traditional motif, in a variety of shades, including Brazilian Cherry Natural, Cherry Cimmaron, Ebony Oak, Hickory Sundance, Hickory Sunset Sand, Maple Brownstone, Oak Saddle, Provincial Hickory, and Walnut Colonial.

Chatelaine is the jewel of the Mullican solid hardwood crown. It combines artistry with master craftsmanship to bring you a vintage look that’s constructed with modern techniques. Colors and species include Autumn Maple, Birch Chestnut Brown, Golden Maple, Hickory Natural, Maple Cappuccino, Maple Dark Mocha, Oak Sienna, Oak Winesap, Provincial Hickory, and Sundance Hickory.

Mullican’s Buckingham Beech collection of solid hardwood reinvents the idea of beech with their bold and striking shades of Beech Ebony and Beech Mink Brown.

Hoping to provide people with the finest selection of flooring in the world, Mullican has also introduced its Exotic hardwood collection, in both solid and engineered flooring, that provides an even greater variety of patterns and colors. Choices include Andiroba Natural, Cumaru, Tigerwood, and Brazilian Cherry.

Other selections from the massive Mullican collection include Frontier Wire Brushed (solid or engineered), Foothills, New River, Hillshire, Knob Creek - Hand Sculpted, LinolnShire, Meadow Brooke, Meadowview, Meridian Pointe, Muirfield, Nature Collection, Northpointe, Ol Virginian, Ponte Vedra, Quail Hollow, Ridgecrest, San Marco, St. Andrews and Williamsburg.

Each of these lines represent the finest in hardwood flooring, with the grit and purity of American labor and forests, as well as the eternal commitment of Mullican to preserve the country’s natural resources.

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