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Provenza Tile

Posted: Tuesday, March 25, 2014

With a Passion for Design and Function, Provenza Delivers Like None Other

The simplest way to get to know the quality of a company’s product is to see it in action. When it comes to flooring, where the product is featured speaks volumes of its worth.

Prestigious buildings and internationally recognizable homes would never dare to settle for second best when it comes to flooring. These types of spaces not only have a reputation to uphold, but they also often have to be prepared to handle the foot traffic of countless tourists and visitors.

Thus, when looking to install flooring into some of the finest and awe-inspiring spaces on this planet, it’s no surprise that Provenza is often the provider.

Provenza is a global leader in designing the most revered top-of-the-line Italian ceramics that are as beautiful as they are durable. Established in 1986, Provenza has never longed to be an imitator. Rather, they preferred to demonstrate their penchant for innovation, which was evident not even 10 years later, when they chose to cease production of single-fired tiles in favor of vitrified stoneware. This decision allowed for a better technical performance of flooring.

Again, in 2002, Provenza showed why it’s the innovative leader of its field - it was the first company to offer its line using a double-pressed technology.

The inspiration behind Provenza’s perfection

To be unique and distinctive is to be Provenza. Market trends don’t serve as limitations to Provenza, but as motivation there is always room to push further. Using nature and out-of-the-box ideas as inspiration, Provenza has found a way to remain ahead of trends with its flooring line.

ProvenzaUsing wood, stone, concrete, quartzite and terra cotta as its base, Provenza has redefined the very idea of porcelain. While other manufacturers may have accepted a one-look approach to porcelain, Provenza has created a line so diverse and varied that no matter what your needs, environment, or expectations, you’ll find the perfect match.

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A closer look at wood look tile

Since the dawn of the flooring world, wood has remained king of the castle. But wood isn’t always the best choice for your flooring, because of its inability to be installed in any environment (outdoors, moist, etc.), and because of its reputation for high maintenance. But what if you could combine the best qualities of the two finest flooring styles in existence? That’s exactly what you get with the wood look tile flooring line from Provenza. Enjoy the beauty of wood with the equally as beautiful, yet incomparably durable and versatile porcelain. Provenza makes it happen.

ProvenzaThe Q-Stone series has a clear geological inspiration. For Provenza, loveliness is never an end in itself: the elegance, beauty and convenience of a floor covering are just the initial key to a project. Q-Stone arouses emotions and conveys passion: design that nurtures individual personality. This exquisite line comes in natural, Lappato, Opus Lappato, Maxi Lappato and Opus natural.

ProvenzaThe W-Age flooring line is designed with a cross-cut approach to enhance the sawn-log look. Concentric rings within the flooring remind you that nature is not that far away at all. Colors come in Marrow, Heartwood, Ring, and Cortex.

The finest in flooring - Provenza

Provenza has never been one to sit back and rest on its laurels. Despite its endless success for decades, Provenza continues to push boundaries and widen our imaginations to the possibilities that exist in the flooring world, when one is willing to merge technology, design, and an undying passion.

Click Here to view the entire Provenza flooring line.