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Amtico Vinyl

Posted: Thursday, March 06, 2014
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Amtico Vinyl - Leaders in Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Amtico Wood CollectionThere is no question that Amtico has established itself as the go-to manufacturer for luxury vinyl flooring in the United States. That’s been evident for years, but was reinforced in 2012, after Amtico joined the Mannington Commercial flooring family. After joining with Mannington, the Amtico name was kept to represent all of Mannington’s luxury vinyl tile collection, and for good reason. Amtico, simply put, is luxury vinyl. Consumers have known that for years.

Established in 1964, Amtico has not only dominated the resilient flooring market; they’ve reengineered it. As trendsetters in the field, Amtico has helped make vinyl flooring what it is today - a viable resource for anyone looking for flooring that is as durable as it is beautiful.

Today, the Amico LVT collection features the ingenuity, innovation and beauty that’s been synonymous with Amtico for decades, backed by the trusted name of Mannington. Ideal for any high-traffic setting, including the most walked-on commercial settings on the planet, Amtico’s LVT collection makes a lasting impression.

Amtico Wood CollectionAll of Amtico’s LVT features a remarkable five layers:

  1. A urethane treatment layer
  2. Slip-resistant layer
  3. Dense wear layer that protects against dents and stains
  4. A color layer of high-definition imaging
  5. A strong backing

This five-layer design gives you the support you’ve come to expect from vinyl tile, but in an appearance that defies your expectations. Backed with a 20-year warranty, the Amtico collection outperforms natural flooring in terms of longevity and wear and tear. It’s extremely resistant to scratches, scuffs, stains and indentations.

The LVT collection by Amtico includes styles that represent wood, stone and abstract. Whether you decide for a formal approach (straight wood, for example) or a mix-and-match approach (stone, wood and abstract mix), Amtico’s collection of luxury vinyl tile is so vast and complete, that you’ll have the power and freedom to personalize your own custom design with the greatest of ease.

Built in the USA

Amtico Wood CollectionThere are only two domestic manufacturers of commercial LVT in the entire country. With the acquisition of Amtico in 2012, Mannington became one of those two. All of their resilient sheet products are made in the US, an accomplishment that Amtico and Mannington are proud to boast about. With each floor produced and sold, more money is being poured into local communities to better prepare the country for a prosperous future.

The Amtico Collection

Amtico Wood CollectionThe Amtico Collection is spread out among three specific lines - Marine, Assura, and Amtico, each of which have samples for Abstract, Stone, and Wood. Asura Wood, for example, features a varied array of colored woods, from Limed Grey Wood to Light Cherry and Antique Wood.

The Amtico Wood line also includes newer lines, such as Cirrus Shadow, Chateau Oak and Ashdown Plum.

Amtico Marine Stone vinyl includes Graphite Slate, Fossil Limestone, Worn Concrete and other realistic stone tiles.

Amtico VinylRegardless of the style or color you need for your project, Amtico has a luxury vinyl tile for your needs. Their advances in high-definition printing make it virtually impossible for anyone to know the difference between their vinyl flooring, and the real thing.

There is a difference, of course. The difference is in all the shortcomings of natural flooring that you avoid with Amtico vinyl. With easier installation and maintenance, as well as a reputation to last for decades and a mission to create the most eco-friendly product on the planet, the Amtico collection is ideal for nearly every type of environment - whether residential or commercial.

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