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Posted: Monday, February 24, 2014

The Hottest New Flooring Trend is a Blast from the Past - Back to Vinyl

BACK TO VINYLWe all aim to be a little resilient in life, which is exactly what vinyl flooring has proven to be - in more ways than one. By very definition, vinyl is a “resilient flooring” because, rather than being rigid, vinyl flooring can bend, roll, and basically adapt to its environment. It’s like the chameleon of floors. But its resilience runs deeper than in its molecular structure - ever since its inception vinyl has been a mainstay of the flooring industry. But in recent years, it’s proven that it’s not just a member of this flooring society - it’s a leader.

The use of vinyl as a flooring material dates back nearly 100 years, although vinyl didn’t really penetrate the market until following the second World War. Following the war, when attention and supplies could be focused back on manufacturing, vinyl flooring proved itself as a versatile and flame-resistant flooring alternative that could handle heavy foot traffic. As a result, it became a god-send for commercial spaces. Heavy-traffic residential homes followed suit, and then, with some advancements in appearance, vinyl soon took the entire residential home market by storm.

Vinyl Flooring - Modernized

These days, there’s no limit to what vinyl can do. Folks interested in the prospects of vinyl once had to resign themselves to less than flattering styles and colors. As evidence in the vinyl manufacturers outlined below, this is no longer the case. You can capture the look of wood or stone, and you can find flooring in any color or pattern you wish, thanks to the amazing advances flooring manufacturers have made.

This includes the dreaded “seam” issue. With luxury vinyl and vinyl with “grout lines,” you can actually creatively hide any potential seams from being noticed and fool anyone into thinking your flooring is anything but vinyl.

But there’s no reason to hide from vinyl - it’s one of the most respected and popular flooring trends of 2014 and beyond. Luxury vinyl flooring has brought a new excitement and respect to the always-durable vinyl flooring world. Luxury vinyl flooring mimics the look of a natural material through images and textures, meaning you could have a bonafide wood floor without the wood! Here are some of the leaders in the luxury flooring world, and what they have to offer you.

Luxury vinyl flooring at its finest - a look at some manufacturers

AmticoAmtico - Amtico boasts itself as the luxury in luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and for good reason. There is a bit of a staggering reaction that happens when you see the Amtico LVT collection, which includes Stone, Wood, and Abstract variances that push the limits of resilient flooring, in an effort to provide consumers with the most beautiful - yet durable - flooring on the market.

This includes the mill-look of Amtico Assura, the clean, urban look of Assura Stone, and the linear patterned Amtico Marine Abstract. These floorings provide as much artwork, as they do cushion and function to any space.

Click Here to view the entire Amtico line of Luxury Vinyl.

KonectoKonecto - Konecto was the first to introduce the glueless Grip-Strip technology which not only makes installation of their resilient flooring a breeze, but also adds to the company’s eco-friendly mission. Konecto prides itself in providing both commercial and residential clients a wide variety of flooring choices, including varying plank and tile collections. The Elements collection, for example, boasts wood-like textures including Camel, Gravel, Birch, Jatoba and Mocha, and that’s just one of Konecto’s many collections.

Click Here to view the entire Konecto line of Luxury Vinyl.

MetroflorMetroflor - Metroflor wants you to be able to personalize your flooring the way you see fit, without having to compromise in quality. Between plank and tile collections, the Metroflor catalog is nothing short of staggering, including the revered Tahoe Collection (featuring Meeks Bay, Sunnyside, Tahoma, and Tahoe Vista), as well as the Valley Wood Collection (Apple Cider, Brazilwood, Walnut, Weathered Wood, and more).

Click Here to view the entire Metroflor line of Luxury Vinyl.

US FloorsUS Floors - US Floors dabbles in just about every type of flooring out there, but has seen great reason to focus much of its attention on luxury vinyl flooring. With their own trademarked title - Coretec Plus, US Floors has created a library of engineered luxury vinyl flooring you’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. With a waterproof core board, no underlayment required and minimal floor prep (including no time needed to acclimate the floor), this Greenguard Gold Certified flooring is just about the top-dog in US Floors’ extensive flooring catalog. Collections include Northwoods Oak, Boardwalk Oak, River Slate, Aged Copper, Ankara Travertine and much more.

Click Here to view the entire USFloors line of Luxury Vinyl.

Back to Vinyl

Long ago vinyl proved its worth as a reliable flooring substance. Over time, it also proved its versatility in being able to handle all that a commercial or residential setting could throw at it. In recent years, however, vinyl has enjoyed a resurgence, thanks, in large part, to the advent and popularity of luxury vinyl.

Now, with luxury vinyl, consumers can get the reliability, flexibility, and easy maintenance they’ve come to relate to vinyl, wrapped in a beautiful package - be it wood, stone, or a unique color or pattern.

These luxury vinyl manufacturers, listed above, have proven that there is seemingly no end to the beauty that can be had by luxury vinyl. There’s no telling what the future holds.

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