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Posted: Friday, February 14, 2014
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Introducing StonePeak High Tech Porcelain Flooring

StonePeakWithout question the finest porcelain available for your flooring projects hails from Italy. Few people will contest that claim. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find the highest quality porcelain flooring from a company as deeply rooted in America as baseball.

Born in the hills of Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains, StonePeak Ceramics embodies all that America has to offer: the perfect harmony between hard work and quality products. All too often, finding a porcelain flooring provider that actually cares about its customers is too much of a challenge. Realizing this, StonePeak embarked on a journey to become a company that offered the finest in flooring, with the finest in service.

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Italian Style Made in the USA - And Eco-Friendly

StonePeakWith the merger of American grit and Italian porcelain, StonePeak has become a leader in high-tech porcelain flooring that is good to the earth, and comes to you delivered in outstanding service.

Perhaps it’s their origins in the Smoky Mountains, or just a long appreciation for what matters most, but StonePeak has forged a reputation as a flooring company with an environment-first focus.

In their state-of-the-art Crossville, Tennessee facility, they produce sustainable, green, environmentally friendly porcelain tile with a process that reduces, reuses, and recycles. Last year they introduced a new formula that utilizes raw, virgin materials, that uses less water and energy while producing less waste.

And, to make sure their consumers are always in the know, they introduced a “Green Step System” that helps you determine how green your project can be. On a scale of Green (1 foot), Greener (2 feet) and Greenest (3 feet), you’ll know exactly how green your tile is, just by looking at the product descriptions.

But how exactly does StonePeak determine the steps for each product? It’s not an arbitrary system. It uses a point-based system based on a variety of parameters, including:

  1. Post-consumer content of 6% recycles glass
  2. Pre-consumer content of a minimum 40% recycled materials
  3. Source of raw materials are within a 500 mile radius
  4. Greenguard certification
  5. Thickness of less than 9mm
  6. Ink jet technology
  7. Active technology
  8. Non-rectified line cut

Flooring products like the Simply Modern, Rome, Raja, Fossil and Classic enjoy a three-step “Greenest” stamp, while even “Green”/one-step floors, such as the Pascha Wood or New Basics is green beyond what most flooring manufacturers offer.

Green Squared Certified

StonePeakJust last summer (August, 2013), StonePeak announced that every single one of the porcelain tiles produced their Crossville, TN facility was Green Square Certified. But what’s this mean?

Green Squared is the Tile Council of North America’s third-party sustainability certification initiative. To achieve Green Squared certification, manufacturers have to demonstrate:

  1. General environmental characteristics
  2. Environmental product manufacturing
  3. End of product life management
  4. Progressive corporate governance
  5. Innovation

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The Flooring

StonePeakWhile StonePeak has demonstrated its commitment to both customer and the planet, they would never have sustained the success they enjoy today without remaining committed to the quality and variety of their products.The line of StonePeak flooring is as diverse as it is beautiful. Each of their products are inspired by nature, as well as an American twist to fine Italian ceramics. Their flooring has graced the halls of homes across the country, as well as commercial settings including malls, medical centers and more. Their collections include:

  1. Cesare Magnus
  2. Classic
  3. Cottage
  4. Crate
  5. Fossil
  6. Land
  7. Limestone
  8. Materia 3D
  9. New Basis
  10. New Mosaics
  11. Parkland
  12. Pascha Wood
  13. Plane
  14. Quartzite
  15. Raja
  16. Rome
  17. Simply Modern
  18. Sky
  19. TheStandard
  20. Travertini

Among their collections are extremely versatile products that feature resounding crack and mold resistance, and heat and frost proof qualities. This provides you or any designer tremendous flexibility for any project, whether you need interiors, exteriors, countertops, flooring, walls, or more.

Surely it goes without saying that porcelain is among the most beautiful and versatile flooring choices available, and that Italy remains the leader in this resource. But it is possible to find the highest grade of Italian porcelain from an American-based company that thinks of customer and planet first - Tennessee’s very own StonePeak.

Click Here to view the entire StonePeak flooring line.