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Mercier Wood Flooring

Posted: Friday, February 07, 2014
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Mercier Wood Flooring - Hardwood Flooring Reimagined

One thing Mercier Wood Flooring has known from the moment they began - in 1980 - is that while flawless and high-quality products are absolute necessities toward long-term success, they aren’t the only things that matter. Equally important to Mercier is its focus on customer satisfaction, innovation and a reputation for trailblazing in the hardwood flooring industry, all while maintaining sincere respect for the environment.

With all of these elements in place, it’s no wonder that Mercier has become a global leader of some of the finest hardwood flooring available.

From Humble Beginnings

Mercier Wood Flooring began in 1980, by Marcel Mercier, a cabinet-maker who would begin to lay the groundwork for a new approach to the finishing process for hardwood flooring. Using his experience as a cabinet-maker, Mercier knew he could make an impact in the flooring industry. What was Mercier’s hope? He wanted to create a factory-finished floor that could handle generations of footsteps without the need for major repair or replacement. Not only would this eliminate a customer’s need to incur maintenance costs, but it would also positively impact the environment (a notion that was never too far from the consciousness of the Mercier family).

Never letting go of his vision, Mercier helped to revolutionize the finishing process, which allowed consumers to enjoy a hardwood floor that was sanded and finished before it ever made its way to their home.

But Mercier wasn’t done there.

Once he finished his masterpiece, he moved on to finding a way to make flooring far more eco-friendly than it was. His work and vision helped turn Mercier Wood Flooring’s sawmill into the source of 100% of the company’s raw materials.

This places Mercier among the leaders in the use of raw materials, recycling renewable energy sources, and the reduction of atmospheric emissions. In fact, in 2005, Canada Natural Resources rewarded Mercier Wood Flooring with the title of “Energetical Industrial Innovator.”

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Green with Envy - Mercier’s Natural Mission

Mercier GenerationsAs the company proclaims - nature is at the heart of their mission. As such, they believe that “traceability” is a vital component of the seller/consumer relationship, which is why they make it transparent for you to know where your wood comes from. No log ever comes from any illegal logging activity. The wood used to create Mercier’s flooring come only from well managed forests, which is just one of the many reasons why Mercier is an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified company.

The Mercier History of Innovation Allows you to Breathe Easier

Mercier GenerationsTests done on Mercier’s GENERATIONS finish has demonstrated zero formaldehyde emissions, as a result of the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation. Their finish, in fact, performs beyond the LEED norm, making Mercier the ideal choice for anyone concerned with their health.

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Mercier GenerationsThe Design and Program Line

Among the styles of flooring Mercier offers is the revolutionary Design + Program, which features the best North-American species of natural or stained wood, customized to your specifications (including species, stain, gloss level, width, and grade).

This puts the consumer in complete control of their wood flooring choices. No longer do you have to compromise with “close enough.” With the Design + Program Line, your vision can become a reality.

Mercier GenerationsExotic

The Exotic line from Mercier features some of the finest and richest tones of wood available in North America and Brazil, including Chuao, Sao Paulo, Ceylan, Puerto Cabello, La Paz and Tigerwood.

Mercier GenerationsThe Rough Textures of Nature

The Nature Collection provides a rough, textured look ideal for rustic and modern decors. The Nature Collection is designed to accentuate and reveal the natural beauty and marks of hardwood.

As an innovative leader in hardwood flooring, Mercier has never lost site of what matters most: quality products, customer service, and respect for our natural resources. Beyond becoming a predominant presence in hardwood flooring, Mercier has solidified itself as a company that thinks of far more than the bottom line.

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