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Decorating With Carpet

Posted: 01 JUL 2002

Decorating with Carpet can be simple once you know the basics. Do you want your carpet to be a subtle background, or the center of attention? This might be the first place to start. If it's a subtle background, then stay in the neutral color families, such as earth tones, beiges, gray, etc. If you want your carpet to stand out or make a statement, then it may be a striking color such as a deep hunter green or a rich burgundy.

Your furniture, whether you already have it or are planning on purchasing it, will also play an important part in your color selection. If your furniture is dark, such as black leather, brown suede, dark oak or cherry wood, you will want to stick with a lighter color so your furniture will show up nicely. If you use a dark color carpet with dark furniture, it will be a wash. There will be no contrast. The reverse is true of lighter colored furniture. You would want to select a medium to dark colored carpet.

Your lifestyle is also an important factor. If you have children, pets, etc., you will probably want to stay clear of the lighter colored carpets. With these types of living conditions, your carpet will most certainly be difficult to keep clean, regardless of the warranties. If you are stuck with having to use a lighter colored carpet in these types of living conditions, you may want to consider a multicolored carpet or a Berber. If you don't know what multicolored carpet or Berber carpet is, refer to your Styles and Textures section for a description.

In some cases, you may want to select a carpet color based on another decorative point in the room or house. This may be a window treatment, a fabric on the furniture, or a bedspread. Remember one thing, though. If you base you carpet color on another item in the house that is not a permanent fixture, you might get stuck with a carpet color that is difficult to work around in the future. Carpet is an investment. It's not an item that you will change as quickly as you would a bedspread or other "disposable" item.

For more help with selecting a color for your new carpet, refer to our Color Selection Chart. This will give you some idea of what is available. And remember, you can always call us on our Customer Service Hotline for further assistance. We are professionals and we are always happy to help.