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Industrial Chic for Modern Homes - Interceramics Corten & Metallic Flooring Line

Posted: Tuesday, October 15, 2013

InterceramicWhile fashion conscious folks recommend you not to wear white after Labor Day, white has long been a go-to color scheme inside homes. It exudes a sense of cleanliness and order, and can often appear to open up a space. However, trends are constantly evolving and pushing boundaries. Flooring is no exception. What we’ve noticed in recent months is a push toward “industrial chic.” While that term might be a bit of an oxymoron, it’s that element of both gritty industry and modern chic that has helped this trend take off.

Industrial chic captures the beauty of two worlds. The industrial look of metal elements and darker hues merge with a modernized approach to flooring to create a trend that’s both beautiful and versatile. Metal look tiles, like the ones found in the Corten & Metallic lines of Interceramic, offer a 21st-century take on a classic look. And with light colors including Aluminum and Nickel as part of this industrial chic look, you no longer have to revert to plain white to capture the same effects.

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Returning to the Elements

InterceramicFlooring trends are a lot like an elastic band. They can be pulled far from their origin but eventually make their way back home again. That’s exactly what’s happened with the industrial chic trend. For many years designers and homeowners have flocked toward flooring styles that steered away from an industrial look, and fell in line with more grandiose appearances. But with this latest push toward industrial chic, we’re returning to the elements, to the origins of our flooring. We’re returning to the earthiness of the industrial look. Take, for example, the Metallic line from Interceramic.

With choices like Zinc, Copper, Brass, Nickel, Gold and Ore, the Metallic line is a celebration of an industrial revolution that changed the world. It acknowledges that long-repeated statement of “They don’t make it like they used to” and pays homage to an era when things were truly made to last.

InterceramicEach of the colors found in the Metallic line are monochromatic, yet can be mixed and matched with other shades to create unique patterns. In fact, the latest trend in metal-look tile pieces together different shades of tiles. Combining similar shades, such as Zinc and Pewter, or Gold and Nickel, will add depth and sparkle to any space.

Interceramic’s Corten line (Copper, Black, Beige) of tiles are based around specific colors, yet each tile incorporates various shades and patterns, creating their own tiny pieces of art. The Copper tile, in particular, is reminiscent of a Monet painting. They capture the rustic look of cor-ten (or weathering) steel. Cor-ten steel alloys were created to eliminate the need for painting. These alloys form a rust-like appearance, and Interceramic’s Corten perfectly captures this beauty.

Best Uses for Metal-look Tiles

InterceramicThe beauty of using metal-look tiles is that Interceramic’s tiles are versatile and can weather nearly any environment, from moist-heavy bathrooms, to stain-inclined kitchens and even outdoor settings. The most popular use for metal look tiles is as a backsplash, particularly in kitchens. The textured approach of a two-tone backsplash brings out a three-dimensional look to your kitchen space and is easy to maintain and clean.

But we’ve seen some other creative uses for metal-look tiles, including in home offices or studies. More and more commercial spaces are using metal-look tiles to incorporate an industrious feel to their workplace. Homeowners and designers are realizing they, too, can capture that look and feel within their home offices.

The beauty of using metal-look tiles like the ones offered by Interceramic is that you’re choices of color and applications is nearly endless. And, like all other Interceramic tiles, your new flooring or backsplash will last for many years.

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