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Carpet Ratings & Warranty

Posted: 01 JUL 2002
Carpet Ratings

This is a sort of new one to the industry. The rating system is something a few of the manufacturers put together on their own.

We will pose one question, and you decide for yourself how valid this system is. If you owned a carpet company, you wanted to sell as much carpet as possible to keep your shareholders happy, and you decided to rate your own carpet and put those ratings on the labels, how would you rate your carpet? We think we already know what your answer will be.

We have to give them credit for trying, though. We honestly feel that this rating system is a bit "overrated", and don't feel that any properly educated consumer is going to go along with it. In addition, if a carpet rates a 2, and another rates a 4, but they both have the same warranty, what does that say for the rating system or their warranty?

Ours is a society raised on the belief that if we buy something new, it had better come with a warranty, and we believe it should. But in our experience dealing with carpet warranties, and the claims associated with them, we've come to a conclusion. The truth of the matter is, you will probably keep that carpet for about 75% of the time span the warranty covers. If you don't change the carpet because you just want a new color or style, you will probably change it because it just looks or smells like it needs to be changed.

Bottom line, you should purchase a carpet with a "Texture Retention" or "No Matte, No Crush" warranty, because you almost automatically know it is a fairly dense carpet and twisted well. It should have a good stain warranty, and it should be installed properly, using the recommended padding. If you follow these simple guidelines, you can't go wrong. Unless of course, you make the mistake of not buying from us, and end up paying way too much.