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Interceramic HD Ceramic Tile - The Quality Without the Porcelain Price

Posted: Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Interceramic High Density Tile

Interceramic's high-density ceramic tile is all the rage in flooring these days. That's because of its low porosity (2.5% absorption rate for glazed HD ceramic tile) and its durability (breaking strength of more than 450 psi). These are pretty phenomenal numbers when you consider that most people equate porcelain tile as the king, and ceramic tile as some distant second.

Interceramic High Density TileBut in reality, when looking at the numbers, you'll realize that's not entirely true. Here's a fact: all porcelain tiles are ceramic tiles (although not all ceramic tiles are porcelain  confused?). Tiles achieve this status of porcelain tiles because of their water absorption rate, which comes in at less than 0.5%. The components of porcelain tiles (fine clays, quartz, and feldspar), which are then fired at a higher temperature, result in the water resistant final product that is also typically denser than its ceramic cousin.

The result of this high absorption rate and density is a tile that can handle pretty hefty commercial or residential traffic, and can be used indoors or out. Most standard ceramic tiles are not recommended for outdoor use because of their high water absorption rate.

Taking the Tile World by Storm

Interceramic High Density TileIn come high-density ceramic tiles to change all of our perceptions of ceramic. HD ceramic tiles are often times higher in density and strength than some porcelain tiles, yet still come in at a lower cost. What that means is you get more flooring out of your dollar by going with the Interceramic HD ceramic tile. The Interceramic HD Ceramic Tile line is available in a wide range of styles and colors and can be used for commercial and residential applications. Most people agree that this latest advancement in tile flooring has become an excellent alternative to porcelain tile.

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Eco-Friendly Ceramic Tile Flooring

Interceramic High Density TileWhile our wallets are always on the forefront of our minds, the modern-day consumer likes to consider the environment, whenever possible. Sometimes, of course, we're forced to make choices that either hurt our bank accounts or the environment. Yet with Interceramic's HD ceramic tile, you're not forced to choose.

In addition to being an economically friendly alternative to porcelain, the HD Ceramic Tile by Interceramic falls in line with the rest of the company's products. As a whole, Interceramic strives to maintain green practices in all steps of the manufacturing and distributing aspects of their business. This includes:

  • Decreasing fuel use of 50 diesel trucks
  • Recycling 140 tons of plastic each year
  • Maintaining kilns with advanced burning systems
  • Using solar energy within their buildings, as well as energy-saving light sources

The green efforts of Interceramic have not gone unnoticed. They received the Social Responsibility title by the Mexican Philanthropic Center, for five years in a row, due to their efforts to preserve the environment.

Not Just Good for the Environment, Good for You

Interceramic High Density TileThe tile you choose for your home or business will be a part of your everyday life. It goes without saying; then, that you'd prefer to have a tile that doesn't negatively affect your health. Interceramic's line of tile flooring meets the EPA National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants. In fact, not one HAP (hazardous air pollutants) listed on the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendment (including Manganese, Nickel, Lead, or Chromium) is found in any of their products. The tiles made by Interceramic are completely free of lead and cadmium, making them completely safe for food preparation.

Everything Looks Better in HD

Just when you thought that HD was for TVs, companies like Interceramic take that concept and use it to create a better, stronger floor without forcing you to spend a small fortune. The higher quality of HD is sure to be felt and noticed, the moment you install your floor, and years down the road. With durability unlike any other ceramic floor, you'll be sure to have your tile in place far longer than you'd ever expect.

Click Here to view the entire line of Interceramic's high-density Tile.